Dental Implants From Your Dentists in Windham

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  • Replace one or more missing teeth
  • Bolster your self-confidence & speech clarity
  • Restore jaw bone density
  • Enjoy a variety of foods again
  • Protect adjacent teeth from overuse & potential damage.

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When you’re missing one or more teeth, it’s not just your self-confidence that can be impacted: At Lifetime Dental Health in Windham, we know that chewing can become more difficult, speech clarity can suffer, and the loss of a tooth can lead to your jaw shrinking, which can impact the stability of surrounding teeth. A missing tooth also makes you ore vulnerable to oral issues like gum disease and cavities.

Thankfully, dental implants can replace a missing tooth structure (both the root and the visible tooth, otherwise known as the crown) and prevent the problem mentioned above. What’s more, it can restore the look and feel of a natural tooth!